Endless possibilities with enamel signs

Be inspired and challenges us!

Real gold and silver

Enamel is a mix of metal-oxides and glass. We’re also able to mix real gold and silver (platnium) with the glass, to create an extra luxuriance effect.

Price depand strongly on the current gold prices, for some signs we use up to 5 grams of gold.

For people on a budget we also offer “fake” gold , to keep prices small.

Ceramic screen printing

Most of our signs are made with stencils, due to the use of thick powder it gives a small embossing to the colors on the enamel sign.
Not all fine details can be made this way.

For photo realistic prints we mix the enamel powders with oil and screenprint them on to the signs. CMYK does not excit in enamel powders and every color should be printed indiviually. Photo realistic images can use 12 different printing layers before getting the satisfying results.


Give the sign the shape of your logo

Many sign makers offer standard solutions and sizes, we’re not one of them. You logo/design is unique so should your enamel signs be. We have a large in house work shop where people work on all basic plates for the enamel signs.

Be free and creative to come up with any shape or size, we love to make unique enamel signs for you.


Thermometers and clocks

Looking for that special way to give your enamel signs that little bit extra? How about integrating a thermometer of clock into it.  It will for sure draw extra attention to your design. Same as with our enamel signs we also manufacture the thermometers and clocks to your demands. We can manufacture even 1 piece of course the prices get more economic when a serie can be made.

Our clock movments and capilairs (glass tubes) are both German made and EU approved.  The capilairs are mercury free and safe for the environment.


Packing and sending the signs

We are able to create a package that fits your enamel signs perfectly so it’s ready to ship save and without damaging. With several shipping companies we have made volume agreements to get the best shipping prices, you can profit from that by having us send out your sign directly to the clients. We ship world wide from our central warehouse in Uithoorn, The Netherland. Uithoorn is close to the international airport schiphol Amsterdam and the sea port of Rotterdam, making it the ideal transport hub.

Packing and sending the signs

Authentic stenciled enamel signs

Thick layers of enamel on to the signs are made with stenciling technique. This technique comes from late 18th century and is unchanged untill today. It’s done by hand and color layer for color layer.

In this technique we accel, some of our artists are working for almost 40 years in our company teaching the technique to the newer generation, keeping this beautifull craft alive.

The enamel signs are made color for color and burned at about 800°C (about 1472°F)